Happy Halloween from SensorUp!

So our rockstar dev team put together a little Halloween treat for IoT watchers today.

We have a pumpkin lighting up the office for the next few days. Anyone who wants to can change Sensy’s colour via a web page. Click on the colour you want to see, and Sensy glows just for you! We’ve got him livestreamed so you can see. Anywhere in the world, you can now click a colour, and our pumpkin will respond to your every whim in realtime. Click here to try!

Meanwhile, we’re all sitting in the office with a pumpkin that keeps changing colours at will. Which is just like having a ghost in our pumpkin. Highly appropriate for the season!

Sensy’s light is connected to SensorUp’s platform, which in turn is connected to the wide world of the internet. The video is streamed to the same page so that virtual trick-or-treaters can watch the pumpkin respond as they change colours. When you change the colour by clicking the corresponding button, your wishes travel through the internet tubes, through SensorUp’s platform, and then to the pumpkin light. Light changes, video captures, video streams into internet, you see, you’re happy!

SensorUp’s platform is based on the Open Geospatial Consortium’s SensorThings API standard and the OGC/ISO Observations and Measurement data model, the world’s first international standard for IoT sensors and locations. That means the messages and data transmitted through the Internet are all based on open international standards. If you are interested in learning the technical details about Sensy, please read the technical blog.

I think our multi-talented dev team did a pretty good job of carving the pumpkin, don’t you? Happy Halloween!